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“It has been the honor of a lifetime representing the citizens of Cobb County for the last four years.”

-Lisa Cupid

Meet Lisa



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The 5 “I”s


In my first four years as County Chairwoman, we have steered Cobb County towards a brighter future, guided by the unwavering compass of these “Five I’s.” Together, these principles have not just paved the path but illuminated the way for our thriving community.



Below you can read my record on putting the citizens of Cobb County first.


Intelligent Decision Making


Over the last four years, Chairwoman Cupid has safeguarded the Board's integrity, addressed legislative challenges with courage; and in crises, acted swiftly, issuing orders, and partnering to protect citizens, staff, and hospital responsiveness.

Chairwoman Cupid has addressed citizen concerns in revitalizing partnerships for a cleaner community. She has promoted election transparency, initiating an audit to address challenges and ensure that every Cobb vote counts. Under Cupid’s leadership, she has continued to grow both Cobb County’s relationship with public safety along with local military organizations.

Intelligent Decision Making

Guiding Cobb County into its 25th year of Triple AAA bond status, Chairwoman Lisa Cupid has not only ensured fiscal stability but has also revitalized annual funding for critical capital projects while implementing measures to enhance operational efficiency and staff retention.

Collaborating closely with finance experts and county attorneys, Chairwoman Lisa Cupid has reinforced Cobb's agreements with the Coliseum Authority and Cobb Travel and Tourism. These efforts have led to increased marketing initiatives and investments that benefit every corner of our county.


  • Supported provision of over $50M in rental assistance helping over 5,000 households.

  • Raised Minimum Pay to $17/ hour, and adopted competitive wages and merit increases for Cobb’s First Responders

  • Improved county responsiveness in adding code enforcement officers, road crew leaders, event management staff, a housing complaint coordinator, a real estate division, fleet technicians, a librarian and funding to reduce our court backlog.

  • Funded our Sheriff’s 24 hour mental health services, capital for the DA’s family advocacy center and staff for our DA to provide alternatives to prosecution of non-violent offenders.
  • Initiated projects to provide a public health facility, recreation center, and employment center in underserved communities.

  • Supported Special Local Option Sales Tax Programs that continue to provide hundreds of millions of dollars for park and trail expansion, road improvements, sidewalk connection and other capital projects.


During the pandemic, Chairwoman Cupid promptly initiated the creation of a vital call center during the pandemic, which has since evolved into a comprehensive 311 call center serving all residents, providing essential support and assistance.

Regional Collaboration

Pioneered Cobb County's groundbreaking partnership with Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb, and neighboring cities along I-285 to integrate transit into the I-285 Express Lanes. This visionary effort resulted in an expansion down to Veterans Memorial and the HE Holmes MARTA station, enhancing connectivity for south and west Cobb residents.


“As Cobb County Chairwoman, I've witnessed the transformative power of diversity and inclusion. Embracing differences is our foundation, not just a slogan. I've championed these values, believing that an inclusive table strengthens our county, enriches ideas, and brightens our future.”



  • Funded the county's first DEI Position.
  • Expanded directed spending requests, funding more projects county-wide.
  • Partnered with United Way and Gas South for a racial equity challenge, engaging over 400 participants and leading to a county-wide equity assessment.
  • Collaborated with a consultant for citizen engagement in American Rescue Plan funding, resulting in input from 3,000 stakeholders and $90M awarded to 80+ organizations for pandemic recovery.
  • Facilitated stakeholder meetings with minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses, initiating a consultant-led disparity study to set legal benchmarks for disadvantaged business participation.



Chairwoman Cupid is a woman of faith and a devoted mom whose steps are ordered to serve. She is an attorney and former mediator, policy analyst and manufacturing process engineer. She resides in Smyrna with her two children and husband, who is also an attorney, law partner, and former electrical engineer. Both are graduates of Georgia Tech and Georgia State Law. Cupid and her husband are of Guyanese and Trinidadian heritage, respectively, which Cupid credits for a hard-work ethic, humility and humor. When not serving, you may find Chairwoman Cupid reading, running, or rooting for her kids on the side of a court or field.

Lisa Cupid is the Chairwoman of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners. She has served on the Cobb Board of Commissioners since 2013 and in 2020 was elected as Cobb’s first black and first female Chair. Cupid helps set policy of a $1.2B budget of Georgia’s 3rd most populous county which boasts multiple Fortune 500 companies, strong K12 schools, top higher educational institutions, natural and historic amenities, attractive communities and robust tourist attractions.

What is most important to Chairwoman Cupid is the Cobb’s 800,000 residents who are highly educated, diverse, and reflect the best that Cobb has to offer. Cupid takes pride in advocating for the interests of all persons across demographic or economic standing. Cupid is committed to being All-In, where the success of Cobb reaches all areas and all people of the County.


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